Contribute to the high-quality development of the whole society

Make the world more brilliant!It is the mission of Fulai New Materials. Adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of “yesterday's success will never be satisfied, and tomorrow's pursuit will never relax”, all Fulai people jointly establish the corporate values of “integrity, win-win, safety, green, responsibility, tolerance, learning, and innovation”, and unite the strength of Fulai to jointly realize the corporate vision of “coating empowerment and being a innovator of new material value”.While we continue to grow, we also do not forget our social responsibilities. We are responsible to employees, business partners, communities and the natural environment and other stakeholders, abide by business ethics, ensure production safety, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers, provide safe products and satisfactory services to the society, pay attention to environmental protection, etc., create great achievements in good faith, achieve the future with a brand, and contribute to the high-quality development of society. The strength of Fulai.

Environmental Symbiosis

Environmental Symbiosis

Zhejiang Fulai New Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to building an environmentally friendly enterprise. It runs through all aspects of the value chain such as corporate procurement, research and development, production, sales, and market service with the business philosophy of integrity management, energy conservation, environmental protection, kindness to employees, and enthusiasm for social welfare. It shapes a corporate culture and brand image with high affinity and appeal, integrates social resources more effectively, and creates an internal and external environment conducive to the operation and development of enterprises, so as to build the competitiveness of enterprises' social responsibility, gain competitive advantages, and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.

Health Culture

  • Health Checkup

    The company provides all employees with health checkups with different needs, including occupational disease checkups for special positions, women's health checkups for female colleagues, and routine checkups for ordinary employees. At the same time, it cares about the mental health of employees and continuously improves the working environment, so that employees' body and spirit are equally nourished.

    Health Checkup
  • Healthy Eating

    A healthy diet can not only improve physical health, but also improve the body's immunity and prevent diseases.The company provides all employees with free and reasonable and healthy meal combinations to fully protect the health and safety of their diet.

    Healthy Eating
  • Safe Environment

    The company has set up a safety and environmental protection management organization, equipped with full-time safety and environmental protection management personnel, regularly organize various safety and environmental protection inspections, and actively investigate and eliminate safety hazards; regularly carry out various safety and environmental protection special training and emergency drills; purchase work-related injury insurance for employees, distribute compliant labor insurance supplies and personal protective equipment, and actively improve the on-site operating environment, and strive to create a safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable working environment for every employee through efficient, scientific, professional and responsible management methods.

    Safe Environment

Community Development

Fulai New Materials takes corporate culture as the lead, actively exerts its own influence, integrates innovative development concepts into the local community, establishes connections with the community, deepens relationships, supports interaction, and actively listens, actively participates, and empowers the sustainable development of society.