• Mission

    Make the world more brilliant!

    Committed to becoming the world's best functional coating composite material provider, laying out the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, providing highly innovative and high-quality product solutions, as well as focusing on the application of new materials in diverse social scenarios, making the world more brilliant!

  • Vision

    Make full use of coating technology and become a valued creator of new materials!

    Through technological innovation, empowering the development of the new material industry with coating technology, creating value for the new material field with cutting-edge technology and sincere service, helping customers achieve greater success, making it sustainable.

  • Spirit

    Yesterday's success is never satisfied
    Tomorrow's pursuit never relaxes

    Persist, not satisfied with present achievements, focus on the future, and strive relentlessly!

Core Values

  • Sincerity

    Always uphold good ethical conduct and principles of integrity, and engage in fair, transparent, and respectful communication with business partners and internal stake holders.

  • Win-Win

    We firmly believe that win-win cooperation is the only solution to achieve common and sustainable development.

  • Security

    Putting safety first, protecting our employees, community, environment and persistently improving our safety management level and safety culture.

  • Green

    Adhere to the concept of green and environmentally friendly development, rely on technological progress, quality control, and management innovation to achieve sustainable development of low-carbon and environmental protection, and create a green brand.

  • Responsibility

    Adhere to one's duties and be dutiful. Focusing on both the achievements and the ways in which they are achieved, committed to achieving a sense of responsibility for individuals, companies and society.

  • Inclusiveness

    Listen to all voices, improve oneself from different opinions and perspectives, be inclusive of each other, and fully realize one's potential through practice.

  • Study

    Constantly learning management concept and technology, cultivating high-level talents, and establishing a high-quality management team.

  • Innovation

    Committed to improving the living and working environment, through continuous exploration and innovation in coating technology and material science, as so to contribute to creating greater value to the society.