Ultra Thin Tape Series

Product Feature

Ultra thin design, good compatibility to magnetic materials of wireless charging device;

Ultra thin, less effect on the thermal conductivity of graphite sheet; 

Ultra thin single sided tape has good protective effect on magnetic materials and graphite sheets, ensure graphite sheets with good insulation;

Ultra thin double- sided tape has good bonding strength for the back cover and mainboard, and different bonding strength for various bonding surfaces.

Product Structure



Technical Parameters

Product ModelProduct NameProduct StructureRelease Film(μm)180° Peel Strength(g/25mm)
CarrierThickness(μm)ColorAdhesiveRelease FilmARelease FilmBPeel Strength APeel Strength B
807B7um Black single-sided tapePET6±1BlackAcrylic36450-750
811B11umBlack single-sided tape PET11±1BlackAcrylic36≥500

5μm Matte Black

single-sided tape with protective film

PET6±1Matte BlackAcrylic36≥500
8805-066um Ultra-thin double-sided tapePET6±1TransparentAcrylic2536500-900500-900
88044um Ultra-thin double-sided tapePET4±0.5TransparentAcrylic2536≥500≥500
8810B-310um Black single-sided tapePET9-12BlackAcrylic2536≥800≥800
8810-13H10um Transparent single-sided tapePET9-12TransparentAcrylic2536≥800≥1100
8815-615um Transparent single-sided tapePET15±2TransparentAcrylic2536800-14001100-1600

Quality Certification

ROHS Environmental Certification

ISO9001 Quality Certification


Product Application

Ultra thin single-sided tape is suitable for covering and wrapping magnetic materials and graphite sheets.

Ultra thin double-sided tape is used for bonding and fixing magnetic materials and graphite sheets.