Silicone Protection Film

Product Feature

Suitable bonding strength for various surface such as metal, plastic and glass;

Stabel adhesion , and smooth surface;

Good weathering , tempreture and acid-base resistance;


Product Structure


Technical Parameters

Product ModelProduct NameProduct StructureRelease Layer (µm)

180° Peel Strength

9301250um Transparent silicone protection film48±5TransparentSilicone25<1.5g
9702BL-15E290um Blue antistatic silicone protective film88±5BlueSilicone250-3
9515-E260um Transparent antistatic silicone protective film60±5TransparentSilicone501-3
9522-160um Transparent silicone protection film60±5TransparentSilicone252-4
9422-E3-J110um Transparent antistatic silicone protective film110±5TransparentSilicone253-6
942T2-E3110um SCF protection film110±5TransparentSilicone253-8
19732BL-E-585um Blue antistatic silicone protective film85±5BlueSilicone258-11
98902BL-E3-F165um Transparent antistatic silicone protective film165±10BlueSilicone25300-600

Quality Certification

ROHS Environmental Certification

ISO9001 Quality Certification


Product Application

Surface protection during product transportation 

Various of glass and screen protection 

Various plastic parts protection such as plastic housing , keyboard

Die-cutting carrier and waste discharge of various film and tapes

Product protection in the producing process

  • 硅胶保护膜

  • 硅胶保护膜3