Release Film

Product Feature

PET carrier , coated with silicone release agent , coating surface stable;

Class 1000 dust-free workshop , High appearance cleanliness;

Stable release force;

High residual adhesion rate;


Product Structure


Technical Parameters

Product ModelProduct NameProduct StructureRelease Force (gf/inch)
320825um Transparent release filmPET25Transparent8-14
350950um Transparent release filmPET50Transparent9-15
3515-E250um Antistatic release filmPET50Transparent12-22
3735-LC75um Transparent release filmPET100Transparent15-25
3420100um Transparent release filmPET75Transparent30-50

Quality Certification

ROHS Environmental Certification

ISO9001 Quality Certification


Product Application

Applied for release,transfer lamination and die-cutting process of various adhesive materials