Acrylic Protection Film

Product Feature

High cleanliness and good transparency;

Good tempreture and weathering resistance;

Easy peeling , no residue , no trace , less pollution of small molecules.

Product Structure


Technical Parameters

Product ModelProduct NameProduct Structure离型层(µm)180° Peel Strength(g/25mm)
1515-E2V60um Low tear film voltage acrylic protective film60±5TransparentAcrylic50≤3
1305-E250um Antistatic acrylic protective film50±5TransparentAcrylic501-3
1323-E350um Antistatic acrylic protective film51±5TransparentAcrylic363-6
1323-E246um Antistatic acrylic protective film46±5TransparentAcrylic363-6
1335-E2V50um Low tear film voltage acrylic protective film50±5TransparentAcrylic506-12

Quality Certification

ROHSEnvironmental Certification

ISO9001Quality Certification


Product Application

Surface protection for touch panel, optical glass , various panels in the producing and transportation process of mobile electronics

Surface protection and antistatic for optical film in the producing process such as TN ,STN, TFT polarizer etc

Coating process protection of mobile phone button, and protection for plastic housing , foam die-cutting

Die-cutting carrier and waste discharge of various film and tapes

  • Acrylic

  • Acrylic保护膜