Home Protection Series

Product Characteristics

With excellent insulation against IR and UV lights, Solar Films can low down indoor temperature obviously.

Furniture Protection film gives a great resistance to sctratching and dirt stains, and optional version of TPH with self-repairing ability.

Safety Glassy film is complaint with standard of JC 845-2007.

Technical Parameters

Product NameProduct CodeCommon Sizes

Application Scenario

Solar Film GS5028521.52*30m

Widely used on glass windows of walls, buildings, offices etc for heat insulation and as well as protection fuction.

Solar Film Silver 15%

Solar Film OR502854
Solar Film OR10802855

PET Furniture Protction Film


Pasted on surfaces of home furnitures for anti-scratch and protection purpose.

TPH Furniture Protection Film

2mil Safety Glass Film28011.52*30m

Widely used as safety and protection film on glass windows and doors.

4mil Safety Glass Film2802

Product Application