Water-Based Back Blowtorch Lamp Film / Weak Solvent/Waterproof Positive Blowtorch Lamp Film / Flame Retardant Subway Lamp Film

Optional Specifications


Optional Model

Water-based back blowtorch lamp film

Water-based back blowtorch lamp film-100 (quick-drying)

Water-based back blowtorch lamp film-125 (ultra-white)

Weak solvent/waterproof positive blowtorch lamp film

Weak solvent positive blowtorch lamp film-125A/125S

Waterproof positive blowtorch lamp film-175

Flame retardant subway lamp film

Water-based flame-retardant back blowtorch lamp film-175

Weak solvent flame retardant positive blowtorch lamp film-175

Water-based fully permeable lamp film-100

RC back matte positive blowtorch lamp film

Product Feature


Green and environmentally friendly

Fast ink drying speed

Good stiffness

Good light transmittance

Technical Parameters

Product NameInk TypeWeightThickness
Water-based back blowtorch lamp film-100 (quick-drying)Water-based dye ink160±5g/m2120±5μm
Water-based back blowtorch lamp film-125 (ultra-white)Water-based dye ink195±5g/m2140±5μm
Weak solvent positive blowtorch lamp film-125A/125SWeak solvent ink200±5g/m2150±5μm
Waterproof positive blowtorch lamp film-175Water-based dye/pigment ink275±5g/m2190±5μm
Water-based flame-retardant back blowtorch lamp film-175Water-based dye ink265±5g/m2190±5μm
Weak solvent flame retardant positive blowtorch lamp film-175Weak solvent ink265±5g/m2190±5μm
Water-based fully permeable lamp film-100Water-based dye ink265±5g/m2190±5μm
RC back matte positive blowtorch lamp filmWater-based dye ink119±5g/m2209±5μm


The product has no apparent problems such as pinholes, wireless strips, and no color difference.

The product needs to be completely dry before laminating and using.

It is recommended that the product be used in a clean and dust-free environment with a temperature of 15°C-40°C and a humidity of 50%-85%.

Wear cotton gloves when touching the screen and printing surface to avoid pinholes.

Do not place the product in a high humidity environment, so as not to affect the ink absorption speed and cause ink halo.

The final interpretation of this product belongs to the manufacturer.

Quality Certification

SGS Environmental Certification SGS

Flame Retardant Certification ROSH

Product Application