Car Body Sticker Series

Optional Specifications


Optional Model

80120 white tape car sticker (removable glue)

80120 black tape car sticker (removable glue)

10140 white tape car sticker (one year removable glue)

10140 black tape car stickers (removable glue for one year)

10140 gray tape car sticker (removable glue for one year)

Product Feature

The product is suitable for printing on UV machines, Latex, solvents and weak solvent equipment

PVC has good ink absorption and realistic printing colors

Good stiffness, low arching rate

Product glue is guaranteed for one year and can be removed (10140 series car stickers)

Technical Parameters

Product NamePVCTapeBase Paper
80120 white glue/black tape car sticker (removable glue)High gloss printing film80±5μmWhite/black tape20g/m2±5Single coated paper120g/m2±5
10140 White tape car stickerHigh gloss printing film100±5μmRemovable white tape25g/m2±5Single coated paper140g/m2±5
10140 Black tape car stickerHigh gloss printing film100±5μmRemovable black tape25g/m2±5Single coated paper140g/m2±5
10140 Gray tape car stickerHigh gloss printing film100±5μmRemovable gray tape28g/m2±5Single coated paper140g/m2±5


When this product has a large ink output and a full version is printed, please leave 3-5cm white edges to prevent warping and shrinking when pasting.

When pasting the product, please pay attention to the cleanliness and adhesion test of the pasted surface.

It is recommended that the product be used in an environment with a temperature of 15°C -40°C.

The final interpretation of this product belongs to the manufacturer.

Product Application

Used in outdoor display boards, wall advertisements, logos, three-sided flip, car sticker advertisements and other screen production.

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