Waterproof Adhesive PP Series

Optional Specifications


Optional Model

Waterproof adhesive PP-8515 matte

Waterproof adhesive PP-12012 matte

Product Feature

Print colorful colors

Fast ink drying speed

Ink-absorbing layer, micro-waterproof

Technical Parameters

Product NameInk TypeWeightThickness
Waterproof adhesive PP-8515 matteWater-based dye/pigment ink100±5g/m2133±5μm
Waterproof adhesive PP-12012 matteWater-based dye/pigment ink125±5g/m2165±5μm


The product has no apparent problems such as pinholes, wireless strips, and no color difference.

The product needs to be completely dry before laminating and using.

The product is greatly affected by temperature, deformation will occur in high temperature environments, and shrinkage and curling will occur in low temperature environments.

The shelf life of the product is 12 months from the date of shipment.

The product is not waterproof or sunscreen, and should take measures to prevent moisture and sunscreen.

The final interpretation of this product belongs to the manufacturer.

Product Application

Suitable for indoor display advertising

With water-based pigment ink and anti-UV cold laminating film, it can be used outdoors for a short time

  • 防水背胶PP类2

  • 防水背胶PP类3