Weak Solvent Adhesive PP Series

Optional Specifications


Optional Model

Weak solvent adhesive PP-11012 matte

Weak solvent adhesive PP-12012 matte

Weak solvent adhesive PP-11012 matte (quick-drying type)

Product Feature

Green and environmentally friendly


Good waterproof effect

Technical Parameters

Product NameInk TypeWeightThickness
Weak solvent adhesive PP-11012 matteWeak solvent ink115±5g/m2153±5μm
Weak solvent adhesive PP-12012 matteWeak solvent ink122±5g/m2163±5μm
Weak solvent adhesive PP-11012 matte (quick-drying type)Weak solvent ink115±5g/m2153±5μm


If you find that the product has quality problems such as wrinkling and poor ink absorption, please stop using it and contact the sales unit.

Adhesive products should not be mounted and pasted in water, and should not be pasted repeatedly, until the picture is completely dry before laminating.

PP products are recommended to use products with a higher gram weight when they are low temperature and dry, so as not to cause warping or curling.

Summer products should not be used in winter, and should be used as soon as possible after opening.

The shelf life is 12 months from the date of shipment.

The final interpretation of this product belongs to the manufacturer.

Quality Certification

SGSEnvironmental Certification SGS

Flame Retardant Certification ROSH

Product Application

Used for promotional advertisements in shopping malls

Wall display panels in schools, hospitals and other places

Aisle signs and outdoor signs, etc.

  • 弱溶剂背胶PP应用

  • 弱溶剂背胶PP类 应用